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Who Am I? I Am Habit.
29/01/2008 - Source : Your Hire Authority (

Habits - they're pretty powerful! When was the last time you sat down and looked at your habits, both the good ones and bad ones? (By Will & Suzi Helmlinger)    More

Unilever; Client of the month (Jun 2006, Nov 2005, Dec & Aug 2004)

Unilever, the international manufacturer of leading brands (such as Lipton, Knorr, Signal, Lux, Dove) in foods, home care and personal care, recruits through AgahJobs.    More

Legrand; Client of the month (Mar 2005)

Legrand-Iran (Alborz Electrical Industries), the Iranian branch of Legrand - a leader in manufacturing electrical accessories with commercial or industrial establishments in close to 60 countries,     More

Well Services of Iran (Schlumberger Methods); Client of the month (Apr & Feb 2005)

Well Services of Iran (Schlumberger Methods), the world’s largest and the leading supplier of exploration and production (E&P) services,     More

Khouzestan Plastic Industries; Client of the month (Jan 2005)

Khouzestan Plastic Industries (Sanaye Plastic Khouzestan), the largest Iranian manufacturer of a vast variety of plastic packaging containers for dairy and other food stuff,    More

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